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Nigerian wedding beads – My collection

Exclusive look at my favorite Nigerian wedding beads.

What I love about Nigerian wedding beads is the way several kinds of beads,gemstone,crystals and metals are used in making extra ordinary pieces. Nigerian wedding beads design have come a long way over the years,from single strand necklaces to brooch multiple strand necklaces

A lot of you have seen several eye popping Nigerian wedding beads and wondered where you can get one. Look no further,you can order your very own piece here Make order.. Custom made to match your attire and to be bang on trend.

Now to an exclusive view of my very own favorite collections. We can make all these Nigerian wedding beads for you here, Click here to place an order Make order.


Black-Aso-Oke-Gele-BellaNaija-Nigerian-Wedding-600x600 Coral-Reef-Jewelry-Banke-Meshida-BM-Pro-600x600




IMG_2481 IMG_2487


IMG_2469 IMG_2495




Sequin Gele_Genesis Paparazzi Makeup-by-Banke-Meshida-Lawal-of-BMPRO-Bride-Seun-Beads-by-@tolubally_lamodecouture Screen-Shot-2013-12-09-at-10.08.59-PM


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