Nigerian snack Gift hamper (Large size)


NIGERIAN FOOD EXPERIENCE. Perfect for all Occasions. Contains homemade snacks and shipped from the UK. Nigerian snack food gift baskets is a new and innovative way to say I love you the Nigerian way. Perfect for Christmas , New year, Birthday , Farewell, Valentine and much more. Size; Large size( long lasting quantity)  

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– Sweet Plantain chips
– Gurudi (Coconut Chips)
– Kokoro(Cornmeal Fries)
– Cubed cut chinchin
– Assorted Naija sweets
– Awin(Velvet Tamarid)
– Coconut flakes
– Sugar coated peanut
– Noodles cut Chinchin
– Shuku shuku (Coconut Balls)
– Baba dudu(Coconut Candy)
– Lipton (25 teabags)
– Palm wine
– Fruit Wine

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