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How do I determine my Jewellery size?

With handmade neck jewelry, its essential to know where you want the first line of the beaded jewelry to sit on your neck.
To measure your neck, get an old piece of your single line jewelry
that is the perfect size, measure it with a measuring tape, depending
on how loose or tight you want it, this will give you an idea of what
your neck measures depending on the jewelry style.
Longer length emphasises the bust while shorter lengths accentuate the neckline.
Choker styles emphasises the neckline.
Princess style sits just below the collar bone and is the most commonly used.
Martinee style drops to the top of the bust and goes with most
necklines, it is great for the sophisticated and professional look.
Lariats style is chic and flexible in delivering sexier results, its
best with low necklines and off shoulder dress styles.
Bib Styles is great for the pronounced, bold or statement looks.
To determine the size of your bracelet, measure your wrist with a
flexible measuring tape right below the wrist bone. This is your
actual wrist measurement, depending on how loose you want it, you can add one or two centimetres to the actual measurement.
An average person measures 7.25 inches. (Please advise if otherwise
when placing your order).

How do I care for my jewelry?
Thank you for buying this piece of jewellery, we offer you the following advice to ensure you take good care of it…..

Costume jewellery…Do not let your jewellery come into contact with perfume, hairsprays, deodorants, body sprays, creams and lotions. The wearing of costume jewellery whilst asleep, in the shower, bath, sauna or whilst participating in sport is not recommended.

Love, treasure and care for it.

Sterling silver… To help keep your sterling silver jewellery looking beautiful we recommend you use a high quality cleaning cloth and avoid the use of silver dips. To bring back sparkle to stones, wash in warm, soapy water, rinsing in clean water. Avoid contact with chemicals including chlorine and bleach.

Fabric Jewelry and accessories; Care should be taken when handling and storing jewellery & accessories. Do not wash any stains on the fabric should be removed gently with a damp cloth wet with warm soapy water.

Store carefully in a cool dry place, store it in the shiny pouch provided as always.

To store it in its box unhook the necklace and wrap the necklace around your palm and gently place it in the box. This to prevent it from losing its curvy shape.

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