We hope you will never need one of our pieces repaired but if you do we are always here to serve you. There are no charges for repair of item(s) sold on this website, if returned within one week from purchase.
Based on the type of repair needed, item(s) returned after one week of purchase comes with a minimal charge. Additional charges will apply when beads, stones, fabric, trimmings, rhinestones and/or metals are necessary to complete the repair. Charges will be communicated to you via email and approved by you prior to the repair. Shipping charges for repairs are the responsibility of the buyer.
Due to the originality and creativity of our pieces we may not be able to replicate some of our pieces due to the unavailability of the unique materials used. Every attempt will be made to do so, but it may result to us using similar materials and we will surely keep it within the original design of your piece. If this should be the case, you will be contacted by email and your approval will be required to proceed.

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